What is Organic ?

" It is natural food that is grown and processed with no chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides & fungicides.

There are no growth hormones, antibiotics, preservatives, dyes, chemical coatings, irradiation, or genetic engineering allowed. "

Why Buy Organic Food?

  1. PURE: No artificial preservatives, coloring, flavoring, thickening agents, stabilizers, sweeteners
  2. NURTURE: Mothers should have a healthy and chemical-free diet during pregnancy and breast feeding to provide the best food for their baby
  3. HORMONE-FREE: organic meat, poultry and fish are not fed growth hormones, colorants, nor are they routinely treated with antibiotics so there are no chemical residues in our food.
  4. HEALTH: Organic food has more vitamins, essential minerals and cancer fighting anti-oxidants whilst having less radicals that cause diseases and allergies
  5. OUR CHILDREN: Are more susceptible to damage from toxins in our food so it is important that their food is pure and nutritious
  6. TRUST FOOD: Organic labeling tells you all the ingredients. You know you can trust organic food because of the organic certification which has strictly enforced criteria – look for the organic symbol.
  7. PREVENTION: In terms of health, prevention is better than cure. It is essential not to overload our bodies with toxins, which damage our immune systems. Organic farmers avoid using unnecessary and harmful chemicals, additives and drugs. Many of these substances have been classified by the W.H.O. as poisonous to your health and the environment. In addition, organic foods retain essential nutrients, such as iron and salicylic acid, which are stripped away in conventional food processing.
  8. VALUE FOR MONEY: In Organic Food, You get what you pay for. Organic food has more nutrients, vitamins and minerals, including vitamin C, iron, magnesium and phosphorous than conventionally produced food. This is because in organic farming, great emphasis is on nourishing the soil which in turn gives healthy plants. The time allowed for the crops to grow by not using chemical fertilizers is the final key elements making it possible for organic crops to have much higher nutrition levels.
  9. TASTE: In studies, organic produce was proven to have more intense flavor molecules, a direct result of a healthy, dynamic soil. In organic food, flavor is not contaminated or masked by residues, preservatives or waxes. Nor is it enhanced to many times the flavor that is actually present which is common practice to achieve a full flavor where very little is actually there in conventional food.
  10. PROTECT OUR CHILDREN: We all want the best for our children, and we have selected organic food to provide them with the goodness and nutrition that their growing bodies need to develop optimal mental, emotional and physical performance. It is imperative that they are protected from the detrimental effects of health-damaging toxins found in conventional foods. Today’s children have unacceptably high levels of asthma, eczemas and syndromes such as Attention Deficit Syndrome. Many of these can be linked to unhealthy additives in children’s foods and by eating organic foods we can prevent and alleviate these problems.

    Organic vs Conventional Food: As per USDA


Ingredient / Processing Conventional Natural Organic
Artificial flavors May be used No No
Artificial colors May be used No No
Artificial preservatives May be used No No
Artificial fertilizers May be used May be used No
Synthetic Pesticides May be used May be used No
Irradiation May be used May be used No
Genetically engineered ingredients May be used May be used No

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