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Red Wine:

Aglianico: A wine with vivacious red ruby color and an intense scent with notes of spices. The flavour is dry, soft, with hints of violet & rasberry.

Chianti: A wine with red, ruby, shiny color; fresh & fruited scent. The taste is harmonious & pleasant.

Dolcetto: A wine with red ruby colour verging on purplish in its froth. The scent is winy, fragrant, fruited with hints of cherries & plum. It has a dry taste, agreeably bitter, of moderate sharpness & good harmonic body.

Nero D’avola: A wine with a red ruby color and a fruited scent. The taste is intense and full of character.

White Wine:

Greco: a wine with yellow colour & greenish reflections. the scent is intense, fruited with hints of apple and exotic fruits. the flavour is dry, fresh, and pleasant.

Pinot Grigio: A wine with a straw yellow colour, the scent is floral & fruited, well-bodied in the mouth.

Local Wine

Red Wine:

Expression Monastique

Monastere Mar Moussa

Monastere Qobbay

Monastere de Kfifan

White Wine:



Rose Wine:



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