Simply Protein Bars & Chips: The Ideal Snack
Fri, 2016-09-09

Simply Protein


Protein bars are gaining more and more popularity especially because people are adopting high protein-low carb diets. When you are shopping for the best protein bars you can get you can only think of the Simply Protein bars. The reasons are numerous and we will state a few:

- All the ingredients used in the bars are of high quality and are natural.

- They are high in protein (15g per bar) and fiber (7g per fiber).

N.B: The Dietary Reference Intake (DRI), meaning the daily recommended intake for adult women and men for protein is between 40-60g per day and the DRI for fiber is 25-40 g per day.

- They are very low in sugar (only 1 g per bar!) and they have no added sugar. Therefor they have a low glycemic index (low GI: the meaning was mentioned in one of the previous blogs)

- They can keep you fuller longer, giving you enough energy for at least 3 hours.

- They are vegan and GMO free.

N.B: More and more studies are being published against GMO products (Genetically Modified Organisms), claiming that they might have negative effects on the body.

- They come in different flavors: chocolate, peanut, almond….

- And last but not least, they contain only 150 kcal per bar which makes them the less calorific possible in comparison with the other available bars in the market.


When we mention chips, we think of the most enjoyable snack ever! So why don’t you make it both enjoyable and healthy at the same time?

The Simply protein chips have almost the same nutrition fact as the bars, meaning that they also contain 15 g of natural proteins, 4 g of fat, and mainly only 140 kcal per portion.

They have an added value, which is their iron content: they have 20% of the recommended iron intake of an adult.

They also exist in tasty flavors like BBQ, sea salt, herb and garlic… So enjoy the best snacking with Simply Protein natural products.

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By Rosy Makhlouf - The "Live" Nutrition Clinic Resident Nutritionist

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