Nature Clean: The Produce Solution
Fri, 2016-09-02

Fruits and vegetable washing has always been an issue for many of us who want to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Some use only water, others use household soaps…. The truth is: while soil, which is visible to the eye can be removed by water only; pesticides and bacteria, which are not visible to the eye, cannot be removed by water only.

When we use regular dish soap or bleach to clean our vegetable and fruits, we are adding even more chemicals that are not intended for that use and they cannot be removed by rinsing with water because they can penetrate into the skin of the produce and we consume them.

Nature Clean Fruit & Veggie soak is an award winning product known for its effective cleaning of fruits and vegetables, here’s why:

- Its natural products help you get rid of the pesticides (if you are washing non-organic produce) and unwanted contaminants without leaving behind any kind of undesirable chemicals on the produce.

- It rinses away and does not leave an after taste or smell on the produce.  It does not rinse away vitamins or minerals from the produce.

- Many tests have shown that the amount of bacteria left on the product after being washed by Nature clean wash is extremely low.

- It is easy to use: you soak the vegetables and fruits for 5 to 10 minutes before rinsing them with cool water (10 minutes being for products that have a high surface area like strawberries, broccoli, lettuce…).

Many people often make the mistake and think that organic produce can simply be washed with water and be ready to consume, while in fact even organic produce needs to be properly cleaned. Even though they do not contain pesticides, they may contain bacteria or other undesirable contaminants.

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By Rosy Makhlouf - The "Live" Nutrition Clinic Resident Nutritionist

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