Camu Camu: The Mother Of All Vitamin C
Fri, 2016-08-05

Also known as Araca d’agua, Araza de Agua…..Camu camu has recently gained popularity in the world.

This tree is commonly found in South America and its fruit is a small, cherry-like drupe. The fruit itself is rarely consumed as a whole food because of its sour taste.

It is often used in ice creams or sweets. It is mainly sold as a dietary supplement, either in the form of powder or tablets.

It is considered as the best natural food source of vitamin C. Even more that acai berries, acerola, blackcurrants and oranges. In fact, the amount of vitamin C in the fruit begins to decrease as the fruit reaches maturity, which is when the flavors emerge. Therefore, harvesting is very delicate since both flavor and nutritional benefits should be taken into consideration. This explains why some people prefer eating the fruit not very ripe.

The vitamin C content of camu camu fruit ranges from about 1,882 milligrams to about 2,280 milligrams per 100 grams of fresh fruit. Compared with orange juice, the later contains only 50 mg per 100 g!! This also represents 3575% of the daily value of vitamin C…so beware of taking more than the recommended dose: it is usually around 1 tsp of powder per day.

It is also an excellent source of manganese, copper, amino acids and other vitamins.

There are many health benefits related to this super fruit, mainly it has an antioxidant effect, it detoxifies the body, has anti-inflammatory properties and prevents arthritis.

Curiously enough, Some research has indicated that camu camu can have a relaxing effect on the body, acting almost as a sedative, which can certainly help to balance mood swings and soothe mental anxiety. 

It is very important to state that further researches are still needed in order to discover all the health benefits of this fruit and thus use it in many other cases.

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By Rosy Makhlouf - The "Live" Nutrition Clinic Resident Nutritionist

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