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Tue, 2011-12-20

    In Lebanon, it seems like a major part of fatalities root down to people dying from a car crash or cancer.


Since road safety remains progressing slowly but surely, why not prevent the latter from ever taking place?




Sun, 2011-12-18


Do you feed your children the right way?


Organic food must not be considered a luxury. It is how food used to be, it is how food is supposed to be. Organic food is a valuable part of any regimen intended to maintain, improve, or restore health.


Numerous studies linked the contribution of artificial...

Mon, 2011-12-12

Why You Should Think Twice about Breakfast


Have you tried to loose a few kilos, those stubborn few kilos just before the holidays? I am sure you have tried to cut down on some meals, like skipping dinner or even worse skipping breakfast.


While people think that logically, skipping meals means fewer calories intake that leads to weight loss, the fat cells in our body are smarter than this and the results of skipping meals are drastic.


Thu, 2011-12-08

How do you clease? Some people follow a detox diet- which is a regimen that rids the body off  of impurities. Others embrace the world of supplements and build on confidence. Either way, options vary and sustainable health is the goal.

Not only the wheat grass craze is still a hit it puts an end to a hangover, convinced? You can even grow this potion in the comfort of your own residence but:

First, you have to want it.

Second, you need to purchase the following...

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