Nature Clean: The Produce Solution

Fri, 2016-09-02

Fruits and vegetable washing has always been an issue for many of us who want to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Some use only water, others use household soaps…. The truth is: while soil, which is visible to the eye can be removed by water only; pesticides and bacteria, which are not visible to the eye, cannot be removed by water only.

Simply Protein Bars & Chips: The Ideal Snack

Fri, 2016-09-09

Simply Protein


Protein bars are gaining more and more popularity especially because people are adopting high protein-low carb diets. When you are shopping for the best protein bars you can get you can only think of the Simply Protein bars. The reasons are numerous and we will state a few:

- All the ingredients used in the bars are of high quality and are natural.

- They are high in protein (15g per bar) and fiber (7g per fiber).

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